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O.P.E.N. Coaching is an opportunity to work one on one with an Organizer to delve deeper into the issues causing your disorganization.

We uncover patterns and bad habits that have you feeling "stuck" and overwhelmed. We help you recognize and avoid repeating past mistakes and teach you new skills and techniques to achieve your organizing goals.

O.P.E.N. Coaching is your opportunity to have a Professional share their perspective, gain invaluable insight and to take a big step towards getting and staying organized.


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Service includes:

  • Exploring new and creative ways of looking at things.
  • Recognizing how to use your natural strengths more fully.
  • Working on your decision making process.
  • Creating a schedule that works for you.
  • Pinpointing your priorities and setting personal goals.

  • Establishing a very specific wish list of outcomes.
  • Assisting with time management.
  • Identifying what is draining you and helping you find greater energy to accomplish more.
  • Set and reach personal goals.